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Legal Aid

Save time and money for your firm by using our comprehensive legal aid costs service.

Online Billing & Appeals

Online Billing and Appeals

We have been using the CCMS billing system on behalf of our clients since its inception. We can offer different levels of service to ensure that the maximum amount of your time is freed up to concentrate on work that earns your firm money.

When required, we undertake Legal Aid Agency appeals for our clients and have a success rate of over 90% in challenging LAA assessments and erroneous rejections.


Complete Costing Service

We have a standing arrangement with many of our clients whereby, having prepared the bill of costs, we remain involved to carry out all work necessary to conclude the assessment process.

Under this complete service arrangement, the only input required of you will be to check and approve the claim for costs at the outset and then submit the final papers to the LAA at the conclusion. We take care of everything else. All our charges will be incorporated within the claim for costs for payment under your client's certificate in full.

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